June 29, 2016

New SIRISIRI Jewelry

Kiriko Collection: Handcut using traditional Japanese craftsmanship methods

 Arabesque Earrings

Cascade Blue Necklace. Frosted Glass, can be worn two ways

Dots Collection Bangle Set and Earrings

Classic Quilted bangle

Classic Sphere Stripe Necklace

Classic Tiny Chain Necklace and Earrings.

New to ESS Laboratory: Racal Specialty Hatter

Racal Specialty Hatter. Perfectly distressed, exquisitely shaped, finest quality made in Japan.

Ribbon Hat

Papercloth Washable Hat

Beaded Hat

June 23, 2016

MUCU now at E.S.S

MUCU stationary now at E.S.S. Beautiful utilitarian forms cast in steel, bronze, brass and aluminium feel weighty and substantial in your hand.

June 20, 2016

T.A.S now at E.S.S

Sumptuous T.A.S accessories and objets d'art now in store, with more on its way

Dark and evocative scents such as Byakudan (sandalwood) and Hinoki (native Japanese cypress). T.A.S candles are slow-burning and presented beautifully in a minimal leather vessel

We carry a generous range of T.A.S's broken dish collection. This eccentric series of objets d'art feature fragmented china wrapped in various hides

T.A.S leather combi bag. The document envelope pairs wonderfully with a matching card holder in luxurious leather. Pictured with our JSP 1800's lunettes

Deep round broken dish. A vessel for your precious odds and ends

T.A.S stretch leather cap; 
comes in both a smooth and suede finish

June 2, 2016

Blustery days on Gertrude St

Organic cotton Emballage Top in white

Heirloom Fibrecraft scarf in earth/charcoal. Hand-felted, batch dyed with native Australian flora. Also pictured: gathered sleeve detail of our Cloche Manchon shirt.

Cloche Manchon shirt with wool/cashmere Overlong vest for warmth.

(As above)

Escrime coat with wool gauze highneck top and pencil skirt in charcoal.

Back detail of Escrime coat

New Sett Shirt

Pairing contrasting textures: sumptuous brushed cotton of the Sett Shirt and rugged boiled wool High Collar Waistcoat and Oblique Pants. ESS Guerilla is ready for winter.