August 16, 2016

Boro Sweater

Introducing the companion piece to our Boro Sweater, the Boro Hoodie. Cut from the same luxurious cotton pile material but with notably different characteristics, it pairs perfectly with our French Linen Wide Pants for this welcome warmer weather. 

Boro Hoodie, matched with our French Linen Wide Pants in black and Ruby & Prankster Mortality Y-Chain necklace. Whilst the Boro Hoodies shares the same thumbholes as the Boro Sweater, the overlong sleeve is cut straight vs twisted


Side Split with longer back panel

The forms of the back panels are an artwork in themselves. 
See it in the flesh to properly soak in the details

A cobwebbed canvas patch pocket is a 
subtle holdover from our Boro Sweater

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